Pipe Threader Hire

Ridgid 300 Threading Machine



The Ridgid 300 is a mainstay of the pipe threading world; with a standard threading range of between .125 and 2 inches, the 300 can incorporate various attachments to give it an enhanced range of up to 6 inches.

This version of the 300 model comes with a stand, carriage with lever, universal die head, alloy dies that range between .125 and 2 inches, an oiler, and a pipe stand.

This version is equipped with both a pipe cutter and a pipe reamer, to keep your pipe neat and clean while working, and a foot switch for emergency power cut-off.

Thread cutting oil is recommended with this product; we can provide a gallon of nu-clear cutting oil for an additional fee. For pricing, please phone our team.

Delivery of this item is geographically limited, please phone our team to check that you are within our delivery area.