Portable Pipe Threading Machine Hire

REMS Amigo 2   RIDGID 690-I

Wherever you are in the country, sometimes you need some power behind you. With our nationwide portable threading option, we can get you a powered portable threading machine for wherever it is you are in the country.

The models provided in this deal are the Ridgid 690-i, and the REMS Amigo 2. When you hire, you’ll be dispatched one of these models based on availability in the specific region.

These models are capable of threading pipe between the widths of 1/2 and inch and 2 inches, with variable die heads to accommodate these widths. We use standard alloy BSPT dies for our hires, which are suitable for threading a wide range of materials.

Thread cutting oil is recommended with this hire product, and is available for an additional cost. For more information, including availability and pricing, give our friendly team a ring today.


Manual Pipe Threading Ratchet Hire

Manual Pipe Threader

Sometimes, a high power solution can be overkill for the task at hand. If you only have a small amount of pipe to thread, are working on a small scale budget for some domestic work, or would rather a solution that doesn’t require any of the formal powered hire insurances, then a manual threader would suit your needs.

It works via a simple ratchet action, locking against the pipe to cut the thread; this means that you’ll have no trouble working with pipes between 1/2 and inch and 2 inches.

No electricity? No problem. If you’re working on a build where there’s limited access to power for whatever reason, the manual ratchet threader will allow you to continue working in whatever scenario.

Pipe Support Stand Hire

Pipe Roller Support

When you’re working with pipes, it’s essential to keep everything well supported and level, otherwise your threading, cutting, reaming, or grooving might come out uneven or, even worse, damage the pipe.

As such, we can provide pipe support stands for a variety of heights and widths of piping, depending on what you need. Let us know the width and weight of the pipe you need supported, and we’ll get you the make and model best suited to handling your needs.

REMS Amigo E Conduit Threader

REMS Amigo E

The REMS Amigo E is an extremely lightweight, portable threader, specifically for use with conduit pipe between 1/8 of an inch and 1 inch.

Whereas other threaders will provide larger width ranges to cut deep into usually thicker pipe, the Amigo E has been designed to be as lightweight as possible. This removes the need for clamps and vices; any in situ conduit pipe that needs threading is within your reach.

If you’re looking for an easier way to thread smaller, conduit pipe, without the risks of damage that can occur with manual conduit threading, then this is the hire for you.



Mounted Pipe Threader Hire


Wherever you are in the country, we can get you a powerful pipe threading machine with more grunt force than handheld models. With this hire package, we’ll provide either the Ridgid 300 model or the Rothenberger RoPower 50, depending on your location within the UK.

Both of these models can handle pipe threading, reaming, and cutting between the widths of .5 and 2 inches, which is ideal for when you have a large amount of pre-work threading to do.

Roll Groover Hire

VICTAULIC VE 272SFS Roll Groover

When you need to work with larger pipes, you’ll often have the need to roll grooves into the ends so you can attach them with gaskets, or other joiners.

The Victaulic VE272 SFS is an attachment for the Ridgid 300 Power Drive, which allows you to groove pipes between the widths of 2 and 12 inches; if you want to use this item and don’t have a power drive, please be sure to also hire a Ridgid 300 Power Drive, as the two are used together.

Ridgid 141

RIDGID 141 Die Head

The Ridgid 141 geared threading extension is ideal for when you need a little bit more bang for your buck. The 141 model allows smaller mounted threaders, in addition to portable threaders, to increase their maximum threading widths to between 2.5 and 4 inches.

If you need a one off extension to increase the capacity of your on hand pipe threaders, then a geared threader attachment is an easy solution.

Thread cutting oil is recommended with this product; we can provide a gallon of nu-clear cutting oil for an additional fee. For pricing, please phone our team.

Delivery of this item is geographically limited, please phone our team to check that you are within our delivery area.

Need something bigger?


Rothenberger Supertronic 3SE Threading Machine

Rothenberger Supertronic 3SE

The Rothenberger Supertronic is a good middle ground for when you’re looking to work with pipe. Equipped with a deburrer and threading capacity of .5 inches to 3 inches, the 3SE model can also self regulate oil flow to keep a cool and clean threading point.

Thread cutting oil is recommended with this product.

Delivery of this item is geographically limited, please phone our team to check that you are within our delivery area.